A pioneer in open access academic publishing in the Northern Amazon of Ecuador, CaMeRA has been supporting academic communities since 2018. Based in Nueva Loja, Ecuador, CaMeRa has the mission of fostering open scientific exchange in all forms, in all disciplines. Our open access publications are peer-reviewed and endorsed by internationally renowned academic editors and reviewers. We serve academics around the world to ensure the latest research is freely available.


At CaMeRa, our goal is to produce and disseminate high quality scientific content and to be able to be indexed in the best regional databases (Latindex, SciELO, Redalyc) and worldwide in (SCOPUS and Web of Science). Possessing Green World Journal among the best magazines. Work and discipline is the main axis to achieve our goal. We deeply believe that all the work of a team at CaMeRa and Green World Journal contributes valuable information to the scientific community,

Mission and vision


We offer readers access to science and the latest research for free. All of our content is published in open access and is distributed under a Creative Commons License, which means that published articles can be freely shared and the content reused, with due attribution.


In a changing and evolving publishing environment, we are constantly adapting and developing new tools and services. By listening to feedback from authors, editors, and readers, we can make changes to better meet the needs of our research community and keep CaMeRa relevant.

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