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Volumen 4, Número 2, May - August 2021

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Application of the Finite Element Method (FEM) through GFAS Software to the study of a tunnel

Maurizio Ponte,  Filippo Catanzariti   &  Gloria Campilongo

/ Vol 04 / Num 01 / 006 / May - August 2021

DOI/URL: https://www.greenworldjournal.com/doi-v4-n1-006-gwj-2021

Recibido: 20/March/2021; Aceptado: 20/May/2021; Publicado: 30/May/2021 

Abstract: Computational simulation is widely used in companies to perform analysis and improve the quality of products and projects. Most of these analyses are carried out using software that uses the Finite Element Method, which allows to obtain answers to numerous engineering problems. In this study, two examples of application to the study of tunnels of the Finite Element Method using the Geostru Software "GFAS - Geotechnical F.E.M. Analysis System" are proposed. The case of a tunnel excavated inside a granite rock massif was analyzed, first determining the state of stresses in the cavity contour through a theoretical method and comparing these results with those obtained in the software. Then, by means of finite element modeling, the settlements induced by the excavation were determined. Finally, the problem of tunnel excavation in a viscoplastic rock mass is presented and the authors propose a comparison of the analytical and numerical method....   ===>>> read more

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Vol 04. Num 02.
May - August, 2021

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